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Street View Tours

Does your business look great? Is it being shown to the world effectively? Street View can help by adding a virtual tour to your Google profile. You can place Street View in any website.

The same virtual images can be branded then added to Facebook. Perfect for keeping users engaged.

It's impossible to display all of my work but the 2 tours below are an example.

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Social Media

Too busy to deal with social media? Are your competitors posting content on a daily basis? Outsourcing social media will give you a presence while freeing up your time to focus on business.

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For many years Langeveld Media has provided product images, head shots, real estate photos, event photography and much more.

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Videos For Business

Video can be expensive but that needn't be the case. Keep things simple and you can get your point across.

real estate photography videos and virtual tours

Estate Agency Media

To make your properties stand out from the rest they need great photos or perhaps a virtual tour or video.

There are lots of options available. Contact me for more information.

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Wedding Ceremonies

On occasions I'm asked to photograph and video weddings. If you are planning a midweek ceremony I can cover your special day.

The button below links to an example of my wedding work which is presented on a bespoke website.

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Web Design

If you need a simple & professional website I'm happy to help. Click the "Jennah and Pauls Wedding" button in the section above for an example. After the initial payment for a website the only repeat charges are moderate fees for yearly hosting and domain renewal.

About Langeveld Media

My name is Adam Langeveld. For many years I've produce photos, virtual tours and videos. I have worked directly for clients and freelanced for marketing companies.

Highlights include a visit to the Google headquarters in Zurich where I received an award for my work for the Wolverhampton Wanderers.

I really enjoy the variety of my work . Tell me what you need and I'll provide a quote.

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